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what we do

We are two highly talented graphic designers who have many years of experience in designing and producing the following...

brochure design


We've created brochures for all kinds of companies. From sales brochures and product brochures to exacting report & accounts. Interestingly some of the most demanding briefs can revolve around small product brochures for small independent businesses.

company branding


Logo design is all about capturing the essence of a business. This is all about that first impression people acquire about a company. Skimp on this detail and the rest of your business will struggle to implement a coherent branding.

leaflets, mailers & ads


A leaflet, mailer or an ad is usually the first port of call for many businesses wishing to promote themselves. In our opinion a business should always put their best face forward and never skimp on presenting themselves in the best possible light. After all this is probably the first representation of a company people will see.

We can help you achieve this with impressive eye-catching design, top quality photography (if required) taken by ourselves and crisp, clear copywriting.

catalogue design


Catalogue production is all about tight discipline, tight budgets and tight deadlines. My wife and I have produced many catalogues in the past. Being able to organise all the information and pictures, writing clear descriptive copy with comprehensive indexing and never forgetting the end user is key.

Our largest catalogue to date has been a 400 page resources catalogue for Independent schools.

web design


We create small bespoke websites for desktop, tablet and mobile phones.


our portfolio:

company branding


brochures | catalogues | folders

faces to the names


Jan brings his contemporary design approach to September Design along with 40 years of graphic design experience.


Gill ensures that our design proposals work, puts Jan in his place and delivers quality design and copywriting to every project.


Jan Kalinowski* and Gill Fisk are a top quality professional graphic design duo with over 30 years' experience in the business.


Our working career started in London. Jan specialising in corporate identity work for multinational companies before branching out into print & marketing and web design. Gill in catalogue and brochure production. We set up our own successful design consultancies in London, Richmond-upon-Thames & Basingstoke.
In 2001 We decided to establish a purely husband & wife partnership – September Design. We are based in a beautiful village near Salisbury, Wiltshire.


*   A little help with Jan's surname pronunciation
(for those purely anglocentrics:
Jan as in Yan and Kali-now-ski.


Born in London of Polish parents and brought up in Bolton, Lancashire, so he's a bit of a 'cockney sparra’ of Polish extraction sporting a northern accent.


Gill's a London girl ........ much easier.

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If you would like to know how much it would cost to give your business a fresh face-lift or create a total new look for your company please contact us.


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